Nathans Charter Fishing Fuengirola

Nathans Charter Fishing FuengirolaIn April (2015) we left our jobs in the UK, packed our home into our car, sorted out a pet passport for our dog Charlie and embarked on a life changing adventure…setting up our new business Nathans Charter Fishing Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol.  It’s been a huge roller coaster so far with a plenty of ups and downs.

Why Spain?  We chose Spain for many reasons…the weather for starters. Being British we love to complain about cold, wet and dreary days. In Spain we are greeted by the sunshine nearly every day.  The winter weather so far has been glorious too (fingers crossed this isn’t a one off!)  The cost of living in Spain is cheaper. Fresh seasonal vegetables, good inexpensive local wine and beer, the prefect weather for barbecues as the sun sets. We have been able to afford a lovely home with sea views, a pool and plenty of living space…although it has been a journey and a half getting it! We went from almost buying a property to finding out it was illegally built to then almost being homeless. The captivating city of Malaga is only a two and half hour fight from the UK so it’s easy for people to escape and visit us!  The Spanish locals are great; we’re immersing ourselves in Spanish food and culture, and loving life here on the Costa del Sol.

The business side of life has definitely tested us and our decision to relocate. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But this has, mostly certainly, been the biggest hurdle we have had to face. We learnt very quickly that the laid back ‘mañana’ attitude of the Spanish, meant that getting vital paperwork/documents we needed, would take twice as long. As lovely as the siestas, fiestas and long summer holidays that the Spanish have are…they are not very useful when you’re trying to get our business: Nathans Charter Fishing Fuengirola up and running!

Now, at the end of our first year, everything is coming together and we can’t wait to begin the next fishing season, catching mackerel, sea bream, snapper, tuna, sharks and so many other types of fish in the warm waters of Spain.

You can always watch our journey on channel 4’s ‘A New Life in the Sun’ which aired 22nd February 4pm.

Fishing the Mediterranean 

The fishing in Spain is fantastic; the warm waters bring all sorts of marine life all year round.